13-Year-Old Boy Creates Book of Mormon Video Game

UPDATE: Book of Mormon Heroes video game is now available to download for free

Levi Hilton, a 13-year-old member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, created a video game which features stories and characters from The Book of Mormon.

“I have made other video games but I decided to make one that is based on the Book of Mormon,” Hilton wrote on his Kickstarter page. “This game has gospel messages…Some of the clues in the game need the scriptures to be figured out.”

Hilton’s game, “Book of Mormon Heroes: The Servant of Helaman,” has a similar look and feel to the 16-bit Final Fantasy games from the late 1980s. The game also based every aspect and detail on The Book of Mormon. Hilton created a map based on descriptions of cities in The Book of Mormon, and he also incorporated the same monetary system that was used in the ancient civilizations from the scriptures. Hilton explained why he created the game by saying,

I want this game to make people feel that the Book of Mormon is real.

This kickstarter project has a goal of $750 and currently has reached $589. “If I can get your support in kickstarting this game, I will make it free for everyone,” Hilton said. His stretch goals include $1,000, $1,500 and $2,000. If Hilton reaches his first stretch goal he will add another small quest after the main quest. After reaching the second stretch goal Hilton will add another huge quest into the plot, and the final stretch goal will include a bonus game at the end with added weather effects like rain and snow.

“Book of Mormon Heroes: The Servant of Helaman” may be played on a PC or a Mac with a Windows simulator.

Bridget is a newsroom writer at LDS.net. She graduated in April 2015 from Brigham Young University in communications with an emphasis of public relations. She served a Spanish speaking LDS mission in McAllen, Texas. She is a skilled pianist and an expert baker of chocolate chip cookies.