Church Releases Statement on Transgender Issue

Transgender bathroom sign

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints released a statement Tuesday on the hot topic regarding transgenders using facilities consistent with their gender identity.

Church spokesman Eric Hawkins stated, “Everyone is entitled to respect” and that “all people should expect an environment of safety, dignity, and privacy in settings such as restrooms, locker rooms, changing areas, etc.”

With the Utah Legislature voting to study the local impact, the Church believes “reasonable solutions can usually be found when people of goodwill come together to find answers.” The Church also encourages “public officials to create and administer laws and regulations that properly balance” the issue.

The study will seek to discover how Utah schools should respond to President Obama’s new change and decide whether legislative action is needed.

While the Church has not taken a position directly for or against the new policy, it encourages Church members to be prayerful and loving towards those struggling to live within doctrine. They are very aware of this “difficult and sensitive” situation and believe that lawmakers will find a solution on this transgender issue.

Although the Church does not support gay marriage, it has continued to encourage members to reach out and actively care for the LGBT community. The Church does have influence in Utah politics. They have used this influence to promote gay rights, making Salt Lake City one of the most gay-friendly cities in the U.S.

Earlier this year, Church spokesman Dale Jones stated, “Each congregation should welcome everyone. Leaders and members are taught to follow the example of Jesus Christ and to reach out in an active, caring way to all, especially to youth who feel estranged or isolated. The church has repeatedly stated that those who feel same-sex attraction and yet choose to live the commandments of God can live fulfilling lives as worthy members of the church. We want all to enjoy the blessings and safety offered by embracing the teachings of Jesus Christ and living the principles of His gospel.”