13 Hilarious Gifs to Describe Your Thanksgiving Experience

Thanksgiving cover image

Thanksgiving is the best—you get to eat delicious food, spend time relaxing with family, and did I mention the food?! These gifs basically sum up your average Thanksgiving experience, can you relate?

1. Skipping or eating a small breakfast so you have more room for the real meal.

2. Getting dressed in your stretchiest pants.

3. When you are waiting for the food to be ready.

4. When your parents ask you to help prepare the food.

5. Trying to deal with all the little cousins that want to play.

6. When someone says they don’t like turkey.

7. Watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

8. Waiting for the prayer to end so you can just eat already.

9. When you are finally allowed to eat.

10. When they bring out the pie.

11. When it’s time to clean up.

12. When you’re going around the table saying what you are thankful for and your sibling steals your answer.

13. Making sure there is enough food for leftovers.


Bonus video clip: Just remember not to let your kids become friends with the turkey before you eat it, otherwise this will happen.

What is your favorite part about Thanksgiving?

Brittany is a graduate of Brigham Young University-Idaho and is currently working as an intern for ThirdHour.org. Brittany enjoys quoting movies, hiking, and eating chocolate covered pretzels.