15 Laffy Taffy Jokes Only Mormons will Understand

Laffy Taffy
Image via sincerelynuts.com

Laffy Taffy connoisseurs have been enjoying the soft, flavorful taffy — and the jokes printed on the wrapper — since the 1970s.

What would happen if the Willy Wonka Candy Company created a line of jokes specific to the LDS culture?

Here’s a sampling of the potential groan-worthy two-liners:

Q: Why did the Mormon climb a tree?
A: She was trying to find her branch.

Q: Why did the Relief Society president wear a straight jacket?
A: She was committed to her ward.

Q: Why did the missionary stretch every morning?
A: To prepare to go on splits.

Q: Why did the boy bring Graham crackers and marshmallows to the church meeting?
A: It was a fireside.

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