20 Signs You’ve Been in The Single’s Ward Too Long


Rebecca Lane and Alison Moore at Utah Valley 360 bring us some funny gifs for those who’ve been in a Mormon single’s ward.

The singles ward was an exciting adventure for the 18-year-old you, but now you’ve been in the singles ward for longer than you anticipated. Enough is enough. Here are signs you are a singles ward veteran.

1. You know who did it in Clue.


2. You’ve played Hunger Games (with spoons) more than once.


Seriously, you are practically a trained killer at this point.

3. You could give the awkward Law of Chastity lesson for the bishop.

You wouldn't even bat an eye

You wouldn’t even bat an eye

4. You already know all the pick up lines.


Who ever knew the color of your toothbrush could be such a riveting conversation starter.

5. You’ve held some of the most creative calling titles.Psych-what-are-you-guys1Psych-what-are-you-guys






Yeah, I think you’re making that calling up.

6. Please, no more church dances.


Plus, this music is not what they played in your youth.

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