2,000 Returned Missionaries to Participate in 2015 Latino Event with David Archuleta

David Archuleta
Image via hitflix.com

This article was originally written by Morgan Jones for Deseret News. The following is an excerpt.

Two thousand returned missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will don their name tags Oct. 23-24 as they participate in the church’s 2015 Latino Event at the Conference Center in Salt Lake City.

Returned elders and sisters under the age of 30, married or single, are invited to participate in Luz de las Naciones: Juventud de la Promesa, where they will join singer David Archuleta and the program’s cast for a special performance.

“In order to kind of show the power in numbers of those who accept a mission call, we want to have this missionary march that, during a very key part of the program, missionaries, like in the days of the stripling warriors, will accept their calls and take their places and march forward to be instruments in the hands of the Lord,” said Elder Jorge T. Becerra of the Seventy.

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