22 Best Mormon Ice Bucket Challenges



The Ice Bucket Challenge is a viral sensation and Mormons are not exempt from the movement. We’ve compiled some of the best Mormon Ice Bucket Challenge videos on the interwebs for your viewing pleasure. Be sure not to miss Brandon Davies scream like a girl and Danny Ainge call out the entire missionary force. Oh, and read to the end to find out who chickened out!

Stuart Edge

Tyler Haws

Brandon Sanderson

Bronco Mendenhall

David Archuleta

Brandon Davies

Devin Supertramp

Dan Reynolds

Brett Keisel #dabeardnation

Lindsey Stirling

Steve Young

Lincoln Hoppe

Austin Craig (Orabrush Guy)

Jimmer Fredette

Robbie Bosco

Danny Ainge

Jeremy Guthrie

Jason Chaffetz

Jabari Parker

Studio C

Shannon Hale

Bryce Harper


Weak Sauce!!

Kyle Van Noy, LDS.net is calling you out!

Added Bonus – Mitt & Ann Romney

Late Additions:

Marie Osmond

Torah Bright

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