Adele Meets Mozart: The Piano Guys Release Stunning Mashup


The Piano Guys’ latest mashup features a musical experiment where 18th century spiritualism meets 21st century secularism.

The song, a mix between Adele’s viral “Hello” and Mozart’s classic “Lacrimosa,” features 100 tracks of acoustic and electric cello, making a hauntingly beautiful sound. The group of Latter-day Saint musicians filmed the music video for the song—which they gave the alternate title of “Hellocrimosa”—in the Tuacahn Amphitheatre.

While filming Hellocrimosa, the team utilized different patterns of mirrors, diffused light, and fog to create the powerful video. The Piano Guys explained on their YouTube post that both songs presented challenges for the group.

“One wallows in a wide, painstakingly minor 12/8 time and the other drives a poignant bi-polar major/minor common time,” the group explains. “One draws its power from the fullness of a grand chorus and orchestra, the other from the isolation of a lone voice and piano. One conforms to age-old counterpart canon and musical theory, while the other is conveyed via verse/chorus pop song parlance. However, they share the same fundamental feeling — “Lacrimosa” (meaning “weeping” or “tearful”) mournfully bemoans spiritual death, while “Hello” gripes about relationship regrets. Different centuries. Different realms. Same emotion.”

Watch the video, shared above, to hear The Piano Guy’s latest piece.

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