Alex Boye Releases New Music Video About Making Lemonade


Singer Alex Boye’s new single and music video is all about optimism. 

The Deseret News  says, “the song title ‘Lemonade.’ is based on the proverbial phrase, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Boye begins the song by noting that while life can be challenging, he can choose to “be bitter” or “be better.”

In the video description, Boye says this song is a reminder to himself,

“A few years ago, even though I had so many amazing things happening in my life, I was so caught up in things that were NOT going right, that I stopped appreciating the things that WERE going right. I would start making a habit of chasing the storms and not the sunlight, and started getting used to feeling sorry for myself. whenever bad stuff would happen to me, I would say things like “Yep, of course that would happen to ME and nobody else!!”

To see more videos by Alex Boye visit his YouTube page.