5 Best Places to Get Personalized LDS Artwork

Supporting small businesses and doing some online shopping are great things to do while you are trying to stay home. Here are five Etsy shops with personalized LDS artwork that will invite the spirit into your home.

1. Shop Shannon Sweeney

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Working from home has become different for me, since I've technically been "working from home" for awhile now. Before I would work on set, with doing my shop in-between, and now my shop has become my full time thing. Here's a few tips I've learned about working from home, and particularly being self employed working from home: – – Draw boundaries for yourself! This is sooo hard for me, and I'm constantly trying to find the balance. Just because you're home all day doesn't mean you have to answer messages after hours, or be spending every moment working. Make sure to set aside time to work, and time to relax. – – Designate a work zone/place. I'm a believer in having specific places for things. For example, when we got married, Kaden adamantly disagreed with putting a TV in our bedroom. He believes that TV watching is a different space than sleeping, and wanted to separate the two. (Toootally fine if you have TV in your bedroom, TV watching is a very important thing to Kaden, it's just what's worked for us). This taught me a lot about dedicating spaces for different mindsets. Unfortunately our teeny 500 square foot apartment is without an office, so I've made a corner into my office. When I work, I try to work in "my office". I used to work from our coffee table, and it became too difficult to relax because I was so used to it being my workspace! – – Drink lots of water, get up every so often, take walks, and make sure to take breaks from screens. At the end of the day, do whatever works best for you, but these are a few things that I've had to implement into my routine ❤️ what does working from home look like for you?

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Shannon Sweeney is the creator of the mission map. Her personalized LDS artwork is one of a kind and the maps are handpainted in watercolor. I have to say, I have one and I got one for my husband because I loved mine so much. Her Etsy shop is packed with cute and colorful paintings, prints and stickers.

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2. New Addition Designs

Not only does this shop have personalized paintings and prints they also have completely custom illustrations available. You can choose from a large selection of temples and church historical sights, as well as custom portraits of your home.

3. Castel Arts

Along with having customizable and personalized temple prints, this shop carries coloring pages, Come Follow Me resources, and portraits of Christ. They carry a few options in Spanish as well.

4. Maple Lane Shop

This shop is mostly digitally drawn artwork focused on families and specifically for those who have lost children or have miscarried. They offer portraits of Christ, quotes, temple prints, and custom work.

5. SweetnSandy

This is another shop that offers customizable temple prints, but it also carries prints for holidays, baby nurseries and Disney lovers. There are so many beautiful pastel and floral options in this shop.

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Where do you purchase religious artwork for your home? 

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