Church History Museum Opens Online Art Exhibit on the Book of Mormon

history exhibit
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The Church History Museum launched a new online exhibit to assist teachers and families in teaching stories from the Book of Mormon.

The new exhibit, “A Mighty Change in Your Hearts,” was added as another part of the Book of Mormon exhibits. Deseret News reports that the exhibit is meant to enrich personal study and to assist teachers in preparing lessons on the Book of Mormon.

“A Mighty Change in Your Hearts” is divided into the following four sections:

  1. Prophetic Teachings
  2. Sharing the Gospel
  3. Personal Conversion
  4. Making Covenants

Alan Johnson, director of the Church History Museum, told Deseret News, “It is our hope that these images will help us all remember the words and examples of the prophets, teachers and people in the Book of Mormon.”

See the full exhibit at

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