Elder Holland Reveals Color of the Dress

The Dress
The Dress

Hugh Hewitt recently interviewed Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles in his California Studio. Although the interview focused on Holland’s recent religious freedom address at Chapman University, Hewitt kicked the interview off with one of the most debated questions in 2015 so far: Is the dress blue and black, or white and gold?

Holland responded to Hewitt, saying,

I just happened to turn on the news this morning, and it looked to me like it was blue and black. But I don’t know.

When inquired about what color his wife thought the dress was, Holland said he hadn’t checked with her and that he wouldn’t dare do so. Hewitt and his wife of 32 years joined the parade when they couldn’t agree on the colors of the dress either.

To read the full interview, go to hughhewitt.com.

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