History of Church-Produced Mormon Films


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In the horse and buggy days of the 1890s, pioneering Mormon artist C.C.A. Christensen created detailed murals depicting events in the fledgling history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, rolled the paintings on aspen poles and traveled from western settlement to settlement sharing his portable message and defining what some term the first moving picture in the Church.

From that rudimentary effort to the contemporary and vast technological improvements in filmmaking, today’s message could appear in virtually every pocket via cell phone.

Films created in the last 100 years in the Church provide a visual vehicle to share core Christ-centered teachings of the faith and forward the family-centered focus of the Church.

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Natalie New is a writer and intern for LDS.net and a current English student at BYU-Idaho. She was born and raised in an LDS home and has attending two Mormon universities up to this point. Natalie has also held a variety of Church callings and has had unique experiences, giving her a unique outlook on life. You can contact Natalie via email.