KUTV Interviews Kirby Heyborne About the Gospel and Fame

Web Exclusive: Enjoying Work

Shauna Lake, with Utah’s CBS news (KUTV), sat down with accomplished entertainer, Kirby Heyborne. This actor, comedian, and member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints shared how he got started in acting and how he stays true to his religion in an atmosphere that is not always conducive to organized religion.

Although he never anticipated living the life that he is, Heyborne loves having the opportunity to be working in a field he truly loves. Heyborne told Lake that he stays grounded because of his family:

 I’ve got to support them in any way I can. Like to quote Eminem, ‘Failure is never an option.’

When asked about different acting roles and having to decide whether or not to portray a character who is living contrary to the gospel of Jesus Christ, Heyborne described it as being a fine line. He explained

A lot of people think it’s hypocritical that I can be an actor and do certain roles, but I’ve learned to just let all that go. My relationship with God is between me and God and if I listened to every negative thing someone said, people would be upset that I did a Coke commercial or that I did a Dish Network commercial so I just have to not Google myself and just know that I’m giving my best and when I am on set, I feel like I’m a great example of my faith.

Heyborne, who most Latter-day Saints know for his role in The RM and The Singles Wardhas also appeared in movies like Saints and Soldiers (2003) and The Three Stooges (2012). In addition to acting in movies, Heyborne has filled roles in commercials and narrated books.

Check out some of Heyborne’s commercials below:


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