Daddy-Daughter Singing Duo Mat and Savanna Shaw Announce an Album in the Works

mat and savanna shaw smiling for the camera
via Mat and Savanna Shaw on Facebook

While COVID-19 has continued to spread throughout the United States, the time spent inside has only increased. As we have recently seen, many artists are using this time to develop new work. Mat and Savanna Shaw are no exception.

An Album in the Works

The Shaw’s have been radio silent for the past few weeks, leading followers to worry that the flow of beautiful music has stopped. Not to worry, the Shaw’s have announced that they will be releasing an album.

In a family live stream, Mat Shaw said, “It’s taken us a little bit of time to start working on the album and now we are hoping to get back to doing our more regular releases, now that we’ve had time to work on some songs that we don’t plan on releasing until the album.”

He also said, “We have many of the songs picked… we are hoping to have some songs released very very soon.” As of this week, it seems that they are back on a regular posting schedule. Their latest cover, of The Beatles “Let it Be,” has already reached over 237,000 views.

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Other Reasons For the Pause

They also admitted that they took some time off because their youngest daughter Pennie Jean had two recent minor surgeries. Parents Mat and Brooke Shaw also said that while their children are not typically homeschooled, the current quarantine has had them busy with homeschooling all four of their children.

Both Mat and Savanna are celebrating their birthdays within a few weeks of each other.  Savannah Turns 16 years old on August 4th and Matt Turned 40 years old on July 24th.

Many fans have also asked if the reason for the pause was because the Shaw’s are auditioning for shows like America’s Got Talent. While they admit that they may do something like that in the future, they still aren’t sure. Savanna said that they are “planning to see where the road takes them.”

They would love to go on tour one day. Because they would love to connect, uplift, inspire, and encourage their fans and the best way to be able to do that is to perform live.

Their cover of “Bridge Over Troubled Water” is currently available on Spotify and all other streaming platforms, along with five additional covers. They will be releasing an original song with the upcoming album as well.

Recent Events

In light of recent events, the Shaw’s decided to be “intentionally vague” when it comes to religion and politics because they have said that they want to spread positivity and love during this time of struggle in the world.

Mat shared, “We want people to come to our music and have it be a safe place where you can feel what you want to feel without us pushing our beliefs or agenda.”

They admit that they aren’t trying to hide their beliefs, but with the upcoming election and recent political unrest, they would rather provide peace. Many followers commented, “Thank you for not making this about religion or politics,” showing support for the Shaws’ decision.

Savanna said, “We want you to take away from the music what you feel is right.”

What songs do you think will be on the album? Share in the comments. 

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