LDS Priesthood Video Undergoes Filming in Pennsylvania


Actors are collaborating in Oakland, Pennsylvania (formerly known as Harmony, Pennsylvania) as a new Joseph Smith video is being undertaken by director T.C. Christensen. The film features Emma Smith (Anna Daines), Joseph Smith (John Foss), and Oliver Cowdery (Jake Stomoen) as the video sets out to document events that happened to Joseph Smith in the 19th century.

Included in the film is the scene where Jospeh Smith and Oliver Cowdery are baptized by John the Baptist. The baptism was filmed on location at the Susquehanna River.

Herald Media interviewed Stephen Allen, managing director of the Church’s Missionary Department, 

This is the last site of the Restoration that has not been restored by the Church. The film intends to tell the story of translation of the Book of Mormon through Oliver Cowdery’s eyes.

Part of the filming also takes place in Provo, Utah, at the LDS Motion Picture Studio where cabins and houses have been remodeled to look like the originals during Joseph Smith’s time.

The film will be approximately 22 minutes long, and according to KSL, the site is, 

The last of the early Church History locations to be developed with a Visitor’s Center.

The video will be shown at the Visitor’s Center, which is currently under construction.

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