Lindsey Stirling Films Music Video with Josh Groban and The Muppets


In her newest music video, Latter-day Saint hip-hop violinist Lindsey Stirling teams up with Josh Groban and The Muppets for five minutes of entertaining chaos.

The Muppets help Stirling and Groban with the song “Pure Imagination” and add a unique and entertaining touch in true Muppet fashion. As Stirling and Groban perform the familiar tune, Miss Piggy challenges Stirling to an unexpected battle of the violins, the lights go out, and the the stage decor malfunctions.

The video, which Stirling posted to YouTube on May 7, already has nearly 300,000 views. Watch the video above to see what happens as more chaos breaks out in Stirling and Groban’s filming of “Pure Imagination.”

Stirling is currently on tour and has added some new US and European dates to her tour, which currently goes through September 5, 2015.

For more of Lindsey Stirling’s music videos, visit her YouTube Channel.

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