Missionaries Snap Pic with Snoop Dogg Holding a Book of Mormon

Snoop Dogg
Image via Fanart.tv

Snoop Dogg has been rocking the hip hop and R&B rap world since the release of his 1993 album, DoggyStyle. But in 2008 rumors spread via CNN concerning Snoop Dogg, that he had converted to Mormonism. This rumor seemed unlikely from the start, as Snoop Dogg’s famous lifestyle doesn’t seem harmonious to LDS principles. In the end, it turned out to be an April Fool’s joke.

But on September 10th, LDS Missionaries uploaded a photo of Snoop Dogg with two sister missionaries, Sisters Andelin and Sister ‘Otukolo. 



LDS Missionaries released the full story in a comment on the picture, explaining,

Sister ‘Otukolo, from Hawaii, has a brother who plays football for Bishop Gorman, a high school in the Las Vegas area. They got permission from their mission president to attend one of the games. 
The football-playing brother mentioned that Snoop Dogg’s son also plays for the team, and so the Sisters actually went looking for him, and apparently found him.
I do not know if they left the Book of Mormon with him, or not.
~ Dale

Natalie New is a writer and intern for LDS.net and a current English student at BYU-Idaho. She was born and raised in an LDS home and has attending two Mormon universities up to this point. Natalie has also held a variety of Church callings and has had unique experiences, giving her a unique outlook on life. You can contact Natalie via email.