10 Things BYU Memes Loved from October 2014 Conference

LDS Conference Memes all the things
Benjamin Walser/BYU Memes

Since 2012, the Facebook page BYU Memes has been the cultural watchdog of Brigham Young University.  If the site’s followers find something funny or entertaining about Mormon culture, they share their insight in the form of a meme or captioned image. Last weekend BYU Memes enjoyed another fantastic General Conference.  Here are some of the top memes:

1. Elder Ballard’s metaphor for staying on the “Good Ship Zion” and rescuing those who have fallen off

LDS General Conference Meme
Alyson Bate/BYU Memes
LDS Conference Memes boat
Dan Hainsworth/BYU Memes

2. Returned missionaries excited about hearing Conference talks in their mission languages

LDS Conference Memes Canada
Brian Walker/BYU Memes

3. …or not

LDS Conference Memes awkward penguin
Stephen Hunsaker/BYU Memes

4. Elder David F. Evans’ opening prayer at the Sunday Afternoon session and how it faithened a lot of strength

LDS Conference Memes prayer gaffe
Christopher Harry Teerlink/BYU Memes

5. And of course, there were always memes about watching conference, which, with today’s technological advantages, is an art

LDS Conference Memes
Joey Waxter/BYU Memes


LDS Conference Memes lego movie
Christopher Wockenfuss/BYU Memes

Christopher Wockenfuss posted about his meme, “Just so you know, this did NOT happen to me. I just put this meme up here for the fun of it, having made it in preparation for such a scenario.”

6. The hatchet, from the talk by Elder Allen F. Packer of the Seventy

LDS Conference Memes Elder Allen FPacker
Brian Walker/BYU Memes

7. BYU students have noticed that this is a thing

LDS Conference Memes all the things
Benjamin Walser/BYU Memes

8. Taking to heart Elder Jörg Klebingat’s advice about physical fitness

LDS Conference Memes lifting
Alex Orton/BYU Memes


9.  BYU Students had a few choice words to say about the homework load from a church-sponsored school

LDS Conference Memes and then I said
Kayla Echols/BYU Memes

10. And finally, some people thought that Elder Niel L. Andersen’s statement about the Internet’s lack of a truth filter was very emphatic

LDS Conference Memes
Jason Flynn/ BYU Memes

Elizabeth Cole is a lifelong member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. She was born and raised near San Antonio, Texas. Elizabeth graduated from BYU with a Bachelor's degree in English and is currently a blogger for "The Geeky Mormon."