8 LDS Principles that Duck Dynasty Lives By


With Duck Dynasty just finishing up their seventh season, we couldn’t help but reviewing their close relation to the LDS lifestyle.

1. They Forgive 70 Times Seven

Jase stinks up Willie's house

Like the time Jase filled Willie’s bathtub with crawfish; or the time Willie turned Jase’s office into a goat pen; or, when Si broke Willie’s new samurai sword; or,  when Jase sunk Phil’s old boat. Some of the biggest mistakes are seen on this show, but at the end of the day it’s always shrugged off like it was never a big deal.

2. They Don’t Curse

Phil Happy, Happy, Happy GIF
Willie Robertson GIF
Phil Robertson Yuppie GIF
Jase Robertson GIF
The Robertson family certainly have their funny phrases, but there are a few select words that they never say and those are cuss words. Their morally clean, family environment, makes Duck Dynasty an LDS-friendly show.

3. Food is an Essential Part of Every Gathering

Miss Kay brings food
Wise words of Miss Kay

Like most LDS activities, there will always be refreshments or potlucks included in a Duck Dynasty gathering. Especially when Miss Kay is present.

4. The Men and Women Live Similarly to “The Family: A Proclamation”

Duck Dynasty Willie Robertson
And their actions show it too.

The men in the Robertson family may like to goof off once and awhile and blow stuff up. But ultimately, they do a lot of work too from running a multimillion-dollar company and providing the main meat for family meals, to teaching their kids how to deal with love and life.

Although the women on Duck Dynasty aren’t featured in every episode, they play an important role in keepin’ the men straight and helping everything work out with a little bit of food and sweet lovin’.

5. They Enjoy Serving Others

Willie and Si Robertson Christmas
Like when Willie and Si gave out warehouse tools to the community kids for Christmas
Duck Dynasty Wedding anniversary GIF
Or when the family threw a wedding for Miss Kay and Phil’s 48th wedding anniversary.

Whether it’s helping the community or being their for the family’s special occasions, the Robertson’s–especially the Robertson women–are always looking for ways to serve others.

6. They Incorporate Family Prayer into Their Daily Life

What more perfect way is there to end every episode than with a prayer? Amen.

Each prayer given at the end of each show is not only a blessing on the food, but a genuine message of gratitude and blessing towards the whole family and specific struggles of certain family member or events of that day.

7. They are Modern-Day Pioneers

Of course. Nothing like getting to know one another than through gutting a fish together.

It is common to see Phil and Miss Kay cleaning freshly-caught frogs or fixin’ to cook up some squirrel on Duck Dynasty. Their traditional ways and strong desire to teach their grandchildren how to be self-sufficient remind many viewers of how our ancestors used to live.

8. They Never Check Their Religion at the Door

Jase expressing his faith GIF
Not even Jase.

The Robertson family is known very well for their Christian values because of the way they live their lives. The men, especially, have been extremely open about how they came to believe in Christ and are never ashamed to share it with others.

Duck Dynasty may be the best family-friendly show on TV right now. Do you agree with us? Are there any other shows you think fit these principles? Let us know in the comment section below.


Nicole is a Technical Writer from BYU-Idaho, working as a content writer for LDS.net. A California girl married to a native Italian, Nicole has become quite cultured in the last few years. She has hiked to the top of Half Dome once, traveled to Italy and Switzerland twice, loves to run, and believes in the power of lavender-salt baths and yoga.