Instagram Account Shares NASTY Photos of Missionary Meals

Missionary eating grub

An entertaining Instagram account named @calledtoeat is gaining popularity by posting (you guessed it) photos of the crazy kinds of food that Mormon missionaries have to choke down during their stint abroad. From cow tongue to crickets, here’s a sample of the posts:

Fried, Flattened Squid in Taiwan

Bird Fetus (Balut) in Hong Kong

Tarantulas in Cambodia

Crickets in Taiwan

Grubs in Peru

Cow’s Tongue in Mexico

Goanna Lizard in Australia

Meat Jello in Russia

Chicken Feet in Spain

Turtle Legs in Peru

What crazy foods did you encounter on your mission? Share in the comments below.

Jasmine has degrees in Spanish and International Relations from BYU and has always had a love for writing ever since she penned her first haiku at age 9. She and her husband, Shawn, are the the parents of 8 children, who keep her very busy when she is not writing for Third Hour.