Provo Boy-Band and BYU Tell Girls They’re Beautiful Through Music Video

Date Night, a band formed in Provo, Utah, decided they wanted to let their female friends—and all girls—know that they are beautiful, and not just because of looks.

This goal inspired bandmates Zach Collier, James Pemberton, Jared King, Alessandro Improta and Loren Larsen to write the song, “Chloe.” They then teamed up with Brigham Young University Women’s Services and Resources to help spread the beautiful message through the department’s “Recapturing Beauty” campaign. 

The boy band hit the streets of downtown Provo stopping females walking by and asking them to participate in a music video for their song. The members of Date Night told Deseret News in an interview:

We realized that we wanted to do something good for other people with our band and our music. This song could do that.

Those who participated wrote down why they believe they are beautiful, and each participant was given a rose. Deseret News reports that Date Night donated their music video, posted above, to BYU Women’s Services and Resources organization as they hope it will have a positive influence on people’s lives.

Kylie is a writer at and graduate of BYU with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. She grew up in a Chicago suburb where she gained a passion for the Chicago Cubs. She enjoys writing and live event video production.