22 Missionary Memes That Will Make You Say “SAME”

mormon missionary meme question

1. That One Ward Mission Leader Be Like…

rico mormon missionary

2. Literally Every Time You Go Tracting

tracting mormon

3. When Only Carly Rae Can Get You Through Street Contacting

mormon missionary

4. Missionaries to Every Investigator Ever

5. When You Can’t Remember How to Life??

mormon missionary normal

6. When You Low-Key Lonely for Bae

7. Tryin’ to Explain the Bible to Your Investigators But You Bad at Math

8. How Your Investigator Sees the BoM

9. When Your Companion Apparently Forgot About Sight and Sound

mormon missionary companion

10. We Will HUNT YOU DOWN… But Like, in a Nice Way

mormon missionaries lds
via Mormon Light

11. When Your Friends Are Giving You All the Feels

12. Uh… Can You Repeat the Question?

13. When You Shave Your Beard and Accidentally Shave Off 10 Years

14. ¿¿¿No Hablo Español???

15. Waitin’ For That Snail Mail Got Me Like…

16. That Greenie Fire is REAL

17. When You a Missionary But You Still Salty

18. Day One in the Field

19. Trynna Keep Your Cool When They Start Bible Bashing

20. *Member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

21. That Area Book Life

22. Let’s Be Real Tho

Amy Carpenter served a full-time mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Denver, Colorado, where she learned to love mountains and despise snow. She has a passion for peanut butter, dancing badly, and most of all, the gospel.