An App To Keep You Reverent?

Yes, we realize her phone probably couldn't run this app...

Imagine a world where church is quiet: no screaming babies, no snoring dads, and especially no un-silenced cellphones ringing earthly tunes down the pews. A world where every sacrament meeting is permeated by heavenly silence that allows the speaker’s words to fall over a spiritually accessible crowd of saints.

If you’re thinking a scenario like this is impossible anywhere but the City of Enoch, you’re probably right. Babies will continue to cry, 9 AM meetings won’t cease, and our mortal thumbs will perpetually forget to silence our cellphones — or will they?

Rejoice! A third of your prayer has now been answered. In case the Holy Ghost isn’t enough, we now have LDS Reverent Mode to help maintain our spirituality.

Using the LDSAccess Wifi SSID, LDS Reverent Mode puts your phone in vibrate mode once you enter an LDS chapel. As soon as you leave the chapel, your phone’s ringer will resume its duties.

The app configures itself automatically when you run it. Once installed, there’s no need for turning on your wifi, running the app in the background, or playing Candy Crush when you should be listening to the speaker (you heathen).

LDS Reverent Mode gives you the option between vibrate, silent, and disable mode, ensuring that you will never accidentally open Crossy Road with the music on during Sunday school ever again.

Unfortunately, the app is only available for Android users; the salvation of Apple users is still at stake ’til further notice.

Gabriella is a psychology major, Westfalia-dweller, and expert bean-eater. Having spent the majority of her life living in the great Latin-American metropoles of Guatemala and Mexico, Gabriella continues to grapple with the eccentricities of suburban living.