Snark and Testimony: Hilarious Mormon GIFs

Comedienne and member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Mandy Cummings Nielsen, formed an online community where people can submit animated gifs on the Mormon Experience. The tumblr site was inspired after her blog post titled Snark and Testimony went viral. Below are some of our favorite gifs. Enjoy!

What to do when you come across the comments on a news articles about Mormons:


First day of early morning seminary:


Me when someone cries bearing their testimony:

crying during testimony

You’ll meet lots of guys in the singles ward:

singles ward - lots of guys

How you feel when the teacher says they didn’t really prepare a lesson:

how youfeel

When your bishop finally finds out you can play the piano:

Your toddler in sacrament meeting every week:


That kid in sacrament meeting eating goldfish right in front of you on fast Sunday:

kid in sacrament

What the world thinks our stance is on everything:

What we all do at the mix and mingles in the YSA wards:

mix and mingle

Don’t be like this. Source:

To see more of these hilarious gifs visit and submit your own gifs and captions to the site!

Adam was born and raised in Southern California then went to high school in Arizona. He is currently pursuing a degree in English at BYU-Hawaii.