If the Super Bowl Players were Mormon

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“Man I Just Got Dear John’d”



“They Didn’t Announce Any New Temples?!”



“I Finally Finished Reading Alma!”



“My Sunday School Teacher Brought Treats Today!”



“I’m So Excited to Be At My First Stake Dance!”



“Please Son, Let Me Show You How It’s Done Before You Hurt Yourself”

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“I Knew We Shouldn’t Have Played on a Sunday”



“Well, Good Thing I Brought Some Snacks for Sacrament Meeting”

giphy (3)


“I’ll say the closing prayer! Oh…you already picked someone? Sorry”

giphy (10)


“Watch Out World, I Just Got My Mission Call.”

giphy (7)


“Can You Toss Me That Pencil….whoa…whoa!”

giphy (8)


“Kids! Stop Fighting Right Now!  We’re In Sacrament Meeting For Crying Out Loud!”

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Republished From: LDSSmile.com

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