International Women’s Day With Your Favorite Mormon Women

International Women's Day title graphic

Happy International Women’s Day to all!

This year, YouTube’s #HerVoiceIsMyVoice campaign is highlighting the amazing stories of inspiring women around the world. With so many awesome Mormon women, both past and present, I wanted to add some names to the list. And by some names I mean 15+ names.

Here’s a running list of just a few of my favorite Mormon women:

Emma Smith

emma smith portrait

First Relief Society President, compiler of the Church’s first hymnal, scribe in translation of the Book of Mormon, wife of a prophet.

Eliza R. Snow

Eliza Snow portrait

Second General President of the Relief Society, celebrated poet.

Jane Elizabeth Manning James

Jane Manning Portrait

One of the first black Mormons, walked about 800 miles to Kirkland, Ohio, to be with the Saints.

Bonnie L. Oscarson

bonnie l oscarson interview

YW General President, first female member of LDS Church’s Missionary Executive Council.

Elaine S. Dalton

Elaine S. Dalton portrait

Former General Young Women’s President, speaker, author of No Ordinary Women: Making a Difference Through Righteous Influence.

Cheiko Okazaki

Sister Okazaki portrait

Former Counselor in the General Relief Society Presidency, prolific author and speaker.

Linda K. Burton

Linda K Burton portraitGeneral Relief Society President, former seminary teacher, first female member of the Church’s Priesthood and Family Executive Council.

Sheri Dew

Sheri Dew

President of the Deseret Book Company, prominent author, publisher, and inspirational speaker.

Al Fox-Carraway

Al Fox holding a book of mormon

Convert to the Church, author of “Tattooed Mormon”, Marketing Manager for

Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey Stirling and her violin

Award winning performer, violinist, dancer and composer, author of her autobiography, The Only Pirate at the Party.

Stephanie Nielson

Stephanie Nielson photoshoot

Plane crash survivor, author of popular blog “NieNie Dialogues,” MTC volunteer.

Elizabeth Smart

Elizabeth SmartPhilanthropist, child safety activist, author of My Story, her memoir of being abducted at the age of 14.

Gladys Knight

Gladys Knight

Convert to the Church, seven-time Grammy award winner, “Empress of Soul.”

Studio C girls-Mallory Everton, Whitney Call and Natalie Madsen

Studio C

Comedians, writers and stars of the popular comedy sketch show Studio C.

Torah Bright

Torah Bright

Professional snowboarder, Olympic Gold Medalist, Australia native.

Tamu Smith and Zandra Vranes

Sistas in Zion

Founders of Sistas in Zion blog, co-hosts of Sistas in Zion radio show and co-authors of Diary of Two Mad Black Mormons.

Like I said, these are only a few of my favorites, and let’s be honest, they’re all straight up bosses. There’s plenty more where this list came from, but it would take FOREVER to write/read about all of them. Also, I don’t think my mom would feel entirely comfortable with me gushing about her via a public post on MormonHub.

Enjoy this International Women’s Day and don’t forget to give all the amazing women in your life a big hug! #girlpower

Did we forget any of your Mormon women faves? Let us know in the comments below!


Emma is an intern at the More Good Foundation and a student at BYU studying Communications with an emphasis in News Media. A returned missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and self-proclaimed nerd, her passions include (but are not limited to): the gospel, her family, writing, sports, world travel, Harry Potter and Mexican food.