Jewish Woman Creates Modest Online Marketplace for Women

Modest Clothing
Modest Fashion found at ModLi Clothing. Image via

Nava Brief-Fried, a Jewish woman who grew up dressing modestly, is passionate about modest fashion and created an online marketplace for women to purchase modest clothing. 

ModLi, Brief-Fried’s online store, which launched January 19, offers women who wish to dress fashionable and modestly a place to find clothing. The clothing available online features the standards of modesty that Brief-Fried grew up following her whole life. She told Deseret News that modesty is a positive thing. Brief-Fried explained,

We’re trying to change how people feel about modesty. I think today, in our time, when everything is so immodest and so the opposite, I think people are really thirsty and they really want and are really looking for modesty.

Shoppers can browse the ModLi clothing based on different specifications, such as price, color, length of skirt or sleeves, size and neckline. Brief-Fried compares ModLi to Etsy, but for modest clothing. She explained that it is important for the clothing sold through her online marketplace is of high quality.

ModLi clothing
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Designers of modest fashion around the world are trying to get their clothing sold on ModLi. Deseret News reports that ModLi has 25 different designers, several of which are from Utah.

Brief-Fried understands how hard it can be to find cute clothing while still living the standards of modesty, whether for religious reasons like many Latter-day Saints, or just for personal comfort and respect. She said,

A lot of women dress modestly, and they have to feel good about it, and I think that’s where we come in.

Brief-Fried believes that modesty is more than how long a hemline is. She believes that the way an individual dresses reflects the values that they hold near and dear.

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