The LDS Church Receives Humanitarian Award from Bolivia

Bolivia Gives Award to LDS Church
Area Seventy Elder Rene J. Cabrera (right) accepts a humanitarian award from Assemblyman Angel Villacorta Vargas (left) on behalf of the Church. Image via

According to Deseret News, Departmental Legislative Assembly, of the city of La Paz, honored The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for its continual service across the entire Andean nation.

Assemblyman Angel Villacorta Vargas presented the humanitarian award to Area Seventy Elder Rene J. Cabreraz on behalf of the Church. The award also recognized the Church’s recent 50th anniversary in Bolivia. The ceremony took place in front of 500 delegates representing a variety of constituencies. Deseret News reports that the Church was recognized “as an institution and living example of valued humanitarian aid.”

The Church was officially organized in Bolivia in 1963, is home to more than 175,000 members, and has only one temple (Cochabamba Bolivia Temple).

Learn more about the humanitarian award and the aid the Church has given to Bolivia at

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