LDS Family Services Shifts Focus

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LDS Family Services will no longer operate as a full-fledged adoption agency. Deseret News reports that Family Services has decided to shift its efforts into focusing more on adoption counseling for both birth parents and potential adoptive parents. The announcement was made this morning, June 17, in a meeting with employees.

Owned and operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, LDS Family Services has been one of the largest, private, nonprofit adoption agencies in the world for decades. As the number of people using adoption services has decreased, Family Services is looking to work more with expectant parents, offering suggestions of referral to other adoption placement organizations.

Although the announcement came at time when there is a lot of pressure for religious agencies to adopt children to same-sex couples, LDS Family Services said that these forces did not influence the decision to refocus its efforts.

The 600+ couples who are currently working through the process, hoping to soon adopt a child, will be allowed to continue if they choose, or they may switch to a new adoption model where their chances for adoption may increase.

In an interview with Fox News 13, David McConkie, the group manager for adoptions at LDS Family Services, said:

We are trying to expand our services to that group and let them know that whatever their choice, we will help them as much as we can to be successful — whatever their choice may be.

Deseret News reports that Family Services will team up with organizations and local agencies to provide services that it will no longer participate in, such as in-home visits. LDS Family Services’ consulting will be free as they hope to give more families the opportunity to adopt.

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