2014 Mormon News


Let’s take a look back on the past year in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint news. The major events fall into six categories: News, Church Growth, Entertainment, Technology, People, and Sports.

Biggest LDS Stories in News

United Nations Meeting on Church Humanitarian Efforts

On Feburary 27th the United Nations held its first meeting dedicated to the Church and its humanitarian aid. Sharon Eubank and Elder Phil Colton represented the Church at the meeting. They mentioned how LDS Charities are mostly run by volunteers and that the work they do is reducing poverty and childhood deaths.

Mormon Match Sues the Church

mormon news involving mormon match
When intentions and branding do not align

On April 4th the Church requested that Mormon Match not launch their site to defend the Church’s name. Mormon Match used a picture of the LDS temple, a quote from the Book of Mormon, and the word Mormon to promote its site. By June 4th Mormon Match responded with a lawsuit against the Church.

President Uchtdorf Meets with Obama and other Faith Leaders to Discuss Immigration

Faith leaders and Obama discussing immigration
Church policy on immigration stems from three beliefs

On April 15th President Uchtdorf met with President Obama and other faith leaders to discuss immigration policies. Uchtdorf stated the Church’s guiding principles in regards to the Church’s opinion on immigration including three main beliefs: love all of God’s children, families should be together, and respect the laws of our government.

LDS Family Services Shifts Focus Towards Counseling

A happy family
Consulting services benifit both birth parents and adopting parents

On June 17th LDS Family Services announced that they will no longer operate as an adoption agency. Instead they are shifting their focus to counseling both birth families and hopeful adoptive parents. They will work to connect both birth mothers and adoptive parents to the resources they will need to go through the adoption process.

Kate Kelly is Excommunicated

mormon news involving Kate Kelly
Kelly excommunicated for working against the Church. -Image via journal-news.com

On June 23rd Kate Kelly received a letter excommunicating her from the Church. This action was taken for her “conduct contrary to the laws and order of the Church.” Ally Isom, Senior Manager for Public Affairs of the Church, discussed the way disciplinary councils work and the reasons why someone is excommunicated.

Conference Speakers may Use Native Tongue

The first General Conference native language talk was given in Cantonese

In early September the Church announced that Conference speakers may now give their talks in their native tongue. This opportunity has never before been extended. In the conference center, English subtitles were broadcasted on the screen. In locations where the English language was being broadcasted, a live English interpretation was given.

Mothers can Now be Seminary and Institute Teachers

seminary or institute class
Brining valuable insight to students

On November 14th The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints changed the hiring policy for Seminary and Institute teachers. Women who have children or who have been divorced may now teach these classes. They will bring valuable insight to the students they teach.

New Temple Garment Video

On October 22nd the Church posted a Sacred Temple Clothing video. The video is designed to help those not of our faith, or who have not yet entered the temple, understand the spiritual significance of the sacred garments and temple clothes. It discusses how many religions have sacred clothing and so do we.

BYU Changes its Curriculum in Regards to Religion Classes

mormon news involving LDS Institute curriculum changes
This change alters the graduation requirements. -Image via statepress.com

On October 24th the Religious Education Department sent a letter explaining the changes that are occurring to the Religion requirement. Students will still be required to take 14 credits of Religion classes to graduate but now those courses will also be electives. Four major themes were also created for the new Religion classes.

Biggest LDS Stories in Church Growth

Provo MTC is Expanding to Accommodate More Missionaries

Provo MTC Expansion Plan
Provo MTC Expansion includes new buildings, extra space, and more parking

On April 26th the Provo MTC expansion was announced. Construction will begin in the summer of 2015 and the plans include additional classrooms as well as personal study and small group space. They will continue to release updates to the plan and are ready to begin construction starting next summer.

New Foundations of Faith Exhibit at The Church History Library

Foundations of Faith
Conservators at the Church History library prepare historical books for an exhibit. Image via mormonnewroom.org

The Church History Library opened a new exhibit September 4th featuring “26 books, manuscripts and other historical documents.” Some of the most historic revelation that lead to the founding and basic doctrine of our Church is included.

Oakland Pennsylvania: Renovating Potential Book of Mormon Translation Site

Priesthood restoration site
Priesthood restoration and Book of Mormon translation location

On September 29th the public was given a preview on how far the Church has come in restoring the historic site where it is believed Joseph Smith translated most of the Book of Mormon. It is also believed that the priesthood was restored to Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdrey in this town.

Meridian Idaho: Temple Ground Broken

Child participates in ground breaking ceremony
There are currently 4 operating temples in Idaho

The Meridian Idaho Temple ground was broken August 23rd. Elder David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles presided at the ceremony. This temple was announced three years previously in an April General Conference.

Two Temples Topped with the Angel Moroni

Workers hoisting up the Provo City Center Temple Moroni Statue
As and angel sounding a trump

Both the Provo City Center Temple and the Indianapolis Indiana Temple were topped with the Angel Moroni this year. Provo topped their temple on March 31st and Indinapolis followed suit on October 17th.

Three Temple Dedications and One Re-Dedication

Gilbert Arizona Temple
Like previous temples, this temple was dedicated in three sessions

The Gilbert Arizona Temple was dedicated March 2. It is Arizona’s fourth temple and the Church’s 142 temple. The temple was dedicated in three sessions. President Monson specifically spoke to the children present and encouraged them to build the temple that they may one day be married within its walls.

The Fort Lauderdale Florida Temple was dedicated May 4. This temple is the 143 Church-wide and the second one in Florida. President Uchtdorf presided at the dedication.

President Monson rededicated the Ogden Utah Temple on September 21st after extensive renovation. The temple was closed in April of 2011 for the interior, exterior, and grounds renovation.

The Phoenix Arizona Temple was dedicated by President Monson on November 16th. Four choirs combined from 16 different stakes sang at the dedication. The Phoenix temple is the 144th temple in operation.

Biggest LDS Stories in Entertaninment

Mormon Father and Son on “The Amazing Race”

David and Connor on The Amazing Race
The Mormon father and son duo who won The Amazing Race

On May 12th David and Connor O’Leary, a Mormon father and son, became one of the last three contenders on “The Amazing Race”. After failing on a previous season they came back to try again. They successfully won the final competition. Their last leg was aired on May 18th. They finished first and took home a $1 Million reward.

Donny Osmond Launches New Mobile App for New Album

Donny Osmond
Donny’s app is designed to give extra insight to his new album

On June 18th Donny Osmond released a new app enabling users to receive special updates, audio clips, and stories about his upcoming album “The Soundtrack of My Life.” Donny released his 60th album one month later. His ten songs are essentially his soundtrack to his life thus far.

David Archuleta and Lindsey Stirling are Guests on Face2Face

David Archuleta being interviewed on the show Face2Face
Archuleta and Sterling continue to stay true to their beliefs

On June 24th David Archuleta met with the hosts of Face2Face to discuss religion and his recent mission. David was the first guest on the new Face2Face events. On November 25th Lindsey Stirling was their second youth guest. They each talked about how their religion has influenced their career.

“Meet the Mormons” Hits the Screens

The bishop from Meet the Mormons
Meet the Mormons topped box offices in 100 locations

“Meet the Mormons” was released on October 10th. The documentary shows the lives of six LDS members. Each person had a unique life that they were willing to share with thousands of audience members. The video featured a song from David Archuleta titled “Glorious.”

Provo Girl and a Wisdom Tooth Removal Dream

Jaci Underwood’s video about her random wishes after undergoing wisdom teeth removal went viral. She wished to meet Ellen DeGeneres, become Nikki Minaj, and buy things for children. On November 5th Jaci Underwood appeared as a guest on “Ellen” to be granted her wishes.

Biggest LDS Stories in Technology

BYU Research on Superhydrophobic Surfaces gets Worldwide Attention

On May 21st BYU released a video about the superhydrophobic surfaces they have been engineering. The surfaces are super resistant to water. In the video you can actually see the water pull away from the surface. This new product has potential in many different devices and products.

Digital Devices Now being Used in the Mission Field

On July 2nd the Church announced that the use of electronic devices in the mission field will expand to include missionaries in the United States, Canada, Japan and Western Europe. The missionaries are equipped with their own specially configured iPad minis to share the gospel while proselyting.

Plural Marriage Article Added to LDS.org

Drawing of early women members of the Chruch
In the early days of the Church some members practiced plural marriage

In October, LDS.org added an article explaining the early church’s plural marriage policy. The Church now has an in-depth history of plural marriage with clear knowledge about why it was practiced and why it is no longer practiced. The releasing of this article was covered by several news organizations including CNN and The Salt Lake Tribune.

Biggest LDS Stories on People

Mia Love: First Black LDS Woman Elected to Congress

Mia Love, Mormon Politician
Love is a Mormon Democrate, a rarity in Utah. -Image via freerepublic.com

On November 4th Mia Love was elected to Congress. She joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as a youth. She is dedicated to making a difference in her new role in the government. If Love’s political principles could be reduced to three things they would be, “fiscal discipline, limited government, and personal responsibility.”

President Eyring Speaks at the Vatican Summit with Other Faith Leaders

President Eyring speaking at Vatican Summit
Eyring shares how his marriage enabled them to both grow in ways they could not have alone

From November 17-19, many religious leaders from several countries met to discuss traditional marriage and the complementary natures of man and woman. Pope Francis opened the meeting with an address on marriage. The next day, President Henry B. Eyring gave his address titled “To Become as One“. Eyring shared his own marriage as a testament to the importance and power of traditional marriage.

Biggest LDS Stories in Sports

Shawn Bradley Documentary 30 for 30

Shawn Bradley
Faith and family was and is Bradley’s first priority

On May 21st ESPN released a documentary on how Shawn Bradley has become a major success off the field. Bradley had a short career in the NBA after serving a mission. This documentary discusses how his life is not measured by how well he played basketball but by his accomplishments off the court.

Jeremy Guthrie Pitches Twice in World Series

Royals Pitcher Jeremy Guthrie in World Series for mormon news
Making it in the big leagues

On October 24th LDS Jeremy Guthrie was starting pitcher in the third game of the World Series held at the San Fransisco AT&T Park. This was his first time pitching in a World Series game. Guthrie successfully pitched 5 innings without a single run. He was then able to pitch in the 7th game.

Jordan Rapana: Restarting his Rugby Career, Again

Jordan Rapana
Jordan Rapana is ready to give his all to the upcoming season of rugby

After fracturing his skull in a match against the St. George Illawarra Dragons, Jordan was ready to start playing again on October 27th. Jordan previously took off several years from his career to serve a mission and play rugby union. He came back a few games before his injury. Now that he is healed he is ready to give the game his all.

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