Mormon Minute: Weekly News Recap for November 11, 2015


The Mormon Minute recaps news that’s happening in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This week, we cover: the update to policies in Handbook 1, Elder Bednar’s trip to Liberia, and an uplifting “I’m a Mormon” video.

0:06 – Handbook 1 Update

The Church made policy updates to Handbook 1, a resource for local leaders, which will affect children raised by same sex parents. The addition is similar to the policies in place for children raised in polygamous families. In an interview with the Head of Public Affairs for the Church, Elder Christofferson provided additional context about the handbook update.

With the Supreme Court’s decision in the United States, there was a need for a distinction to be made between what may be legal and what may be the law of the church and the law of the Lord and how we respond to that.

0:42 – Liberia Safe for Missionaries

In September, the World Health Organization announced that Liberia was free of the Ebola virus. As a result, Elder David A. Bednar and his wife visited the country to show that it is safe for missionaries to serve there once again. The Church evacuated and relocated all missionaries serving in Sierra Leone and Liberia last August. Elder Bednar said,

“The missionaries here are anxiously engaged. This is an exciting time as the work is re initiated in proclaiming the gospel among the people of Liberia.”

1:11 – Man with Dwarfism Shares Testimony

And an IT professional with dwarfism, shares his testimony in the latest “I’m a Mormon” video.

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Whitney studied Communications with an emphasis in Broadcast Journalism at BYU. She also served as Miss Utah 2009 and spent her year promoting Children's Miracle Network, fundraising for anti-bullying/suicide prevention programs, and speaking to mutual groups.