Nauvoo 175th Anniversary!


Today on we are celebrating the 175th anniversary of Nauvoo, Illinois.

175th anniversary Nauvoo Celebration

April 25th marks 175 years to the day since Joseph Smith, after his miraculous release  from Liberty Jail, arrived in Commerce, Illinois, and chose to move the Latter-day Saints to the location. Commerce would later be renamed Nauvoo. Nauvoo served as the home of the Latter-day Saints directly before their migration to the Utah Valley. Today celebrates this momentous anniversary with tremendous Nauvoo coverage. We hope you’ll take the opportunity to check it out. This page will direct you to all the relevant articles.

Below is a list of articles set to be published throughout the day. Links will be added as the articles are published to


A Passionate Tribute to Historic Nauvoo

Painting of historic Nauvoo from across the river

Nauvoo Missionaries, their Families, and their SacrificesOrson Hyde dedicates the Holy Land for the preaching of the gospel

Release Your Inner Pioneer in Historic Nauvoo

Missionary Works in the Historic Nauvoo Blacksmith Shop

The Female Relief Society of Nauvoo

Emma Smith Relief Society meeting

Nauvoo-Temple From the Ashes

Blended Old and New Nauvoo Temples


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