President Monson No Longer Regularly Attending Meetings


President Thomas S. Monson is no longer regularly attending meetings at the Church offices, according to a statement released by the Church on Tuesday, May 23.

According to the release, President Monson continues to communicate with Church leadership as needed and “is grateful that the work of the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles continues without interruption.”

The announcement comes just seven weeks after President Monson was admitted to the hospital. President Monson was hospitalized on Monday, April 3 and released two days later on Wednesday, April 5, after receiving treatment and fluids, according to Church Spokesman Eric Hawkins.

President Monson attended the Saturday Morning, Sunday Morning, and Priesthood sessions of the April 2017 General Conference. He did not attend the Saturday Afternoon and Sunday Afternoon sessions in order to conserve his energy.

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