Lindsey Stirling’s Dad Comments on ‘Billboard Dress’

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This article was originally published by Stephen J Stirling, the father of Lindsey Stirling, it is entitled as “An Exercise in Self-Revelation.” Below is an excerpt.

There has been a great deal of wind gusting in the wake of last week’s “Adventure of the Billboard Dress”. The conversation has been largely about modesty, and appropriateness, and high fashion in the music industry. Those topics have been pretty much exhausted in the hot air of moral debate.

However, when all was said and done, those points were not as important as were our individual, personal reactions to the event. The flurry of approvals and disapprovals regarding Lindsey Stirling’s wardrobe at the Billboard awards has given us all a rare opportunity to demonstrate who we are.  And it has been an interesting exercise of self-revelation. I hope we were all paying close attention to what we thought and what we said.  Some found expression in a disappointing display of snap judgment and criticism.  Others rose above the level of the mob and sparkled in a demonstration of charity and understanding that touched Lindsey’s heart in a dark time. That kind of love will one day change the world. At least that was the Savior’s point of view – a teaching he demonstrated, time and time again, by example.

To read the rest of Stirling’s article, go to the Stephen J. Stirling website.

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