Modest is NOT Hottest

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Growing up in a materialistic world is a challenge. I won’t sugar coat it. Pretty much all of my self esteem issues can stem back to those moments I unwisely compared myself to some unrealistic expectation found on a magazine or makeup ad, of what I should look like.

The fashion industry called for shorter shorts and lower necklines; a bigger chest and thinner legs; perfectly shaped eyebrows, and a pencil thin waist. I was told constantly exactly what I needed to look like to be hot, to be desired, and to be sexy to my fellow male counterparts.
Well, there was one problem. I, being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, believed in modesty. And pretty much 9 out of 10 outfits on the ads around me were anything but modest. This being considered, you can imagine my happiness when I first heard the phrase “Modest Is Hottest” at my Young Women church meeting. The idea that I could be modest AND hot was pretty appealing.
Or so it seemed.
It’s been many years since I first heard that phrase, and I would like to share something I have learned after a combination of mistakes along with a whole chunk of trial and error on my part:
Modest Is NOT Hottest.I’m coming out and telling you something I was never told, because it is something that needs to be understood.If you want to be “hot”, if you want to be “sexy, if you want to be “eye candy”, you will not find that while keeping your shorts long and necklines high.
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