Mormon Mompreneur Podcast with Rosemary from Q.Noor


Mormon Mompreneur interview with Rosemary Card of Q.Noor Temple Dresses

What is your message?

I wish we could all stop using “I dont know” in all of its forms as a reason to not try or stop trying. When someone says “I can’t because I don’t know…..” I want to say “Well duh! Of course you don’t know. If you did know that would defeat the whole point.”

This life is about learning and developing. If we always did the things we knew or felt comfortable doing we would completely waste our time on this earth. We wouldn’t fulfill our purpose of becoming like Christ. When we try new things, learn news skills, take risks and fail, we are, through the power of the atonement (cleaning and enabling), becoming more like Christ.

If you come to an obstacle that is new or difficult, consider that a sign that you are on the right path towards Christ. Learn stuff that you’ll be excited to tell Heavenly Father and Mother about when they ask you “what did you learn on Earth today?”

What are your three favorite business tips?

Ask questions.
Work. Work. Work.

Mormon Mompreneur podcast interview rosemary card q noor

What advice would you give a Mormon Mompreneur who was just starting out?

You need to be sure you and the Lord have the same definition of “success.” From day one I told myself, if I work my guts out of this, pump countless hours, and my limited finds into this and it doesn’t “work” it will still be a success.

I know I am a success if I have my head down and am working hard. Success is in the process of becoming like Christ. Success is not measured on a financial scale.

When people ask me how Q.NOOR is going, I joke “Better than I could have imagined. But I could be working at Arby’s in six months.” Heavenly Father is always helping me become like Christ. That means my life is always changing. That’s a good thing!

Where do you go for inspiration?

Heavenly Father can speak to us and inspire us through anything He wants. Spiritual or secular. Church talks (You were born to lead, by Sister Dew / Advice by Elder Busche / Anything by Elder Bednar) are super great. I also love The Gap by Ira Glass, anything from Brene Brown, Big Magic by Elizabeth Golbert, #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso, the E Myth by Michael Gerber and a bunch of podcasts.

I’m easily inspired by music. Probably my weirdest place to find inspiration is extreme sports short films. If I’m in a creative rut I watch a handful of artist extreme sports videos on Vimeo and I’m good to go. They are extremely creative and always have amazing music. Totally weird, but it works for me.
Mormon Mompreneur podcast rosemary card q noor

What is one thing you wish every Mompreneur knew?

The world needs you and you need you. The world needs more good faith woman leaders. We need your perspective and abilities. The world is unbalanced without you. Also, your purpose on this earth is to become like Christ. God picks the very best tool to help you individually accomplish that goal.

Maybe He chooses to use marriage, or single life, or divorce, or death, or a small business, or children, or sickness, or some crazy combo to help you become like His Son. Whatever it is, it is the best for you. Embrace the life He has given you and start working so you can start becoming.

What is your biggest accomplishment in the business world?

Two months after launching, Q.NOOR was featured in the New York Times. The article recapped my story and an article in the DesNews. At the end, of all the things the article could have ended with, the writer chose to end it with my testimony. That’s a pretty big deal and will always be an amazing memory.