The Shaytards Are a Big Deal at the Spielbergs’

the shaytards youtube family
The Shaytards

When Steven Spielberg says you are famous in his home, you must be a big deal. The Shaytards, considered one of the first Youtube families, began their vlogging journey almost 10 years ago and now have a following of more than 4.3 million subscribers.

Shay Carl Butler, father of the famous family, and his family of seven openly share their LDS faith and say that following the gospel of Jesus Christ has provided them true happiness.

Though now making millions of dollars through Youtube videos, Butler and his family started from humble beginnings. They were living on food stamps, but everything changed eight years ago when he danced around in his wife’s unitard.

Google sent them a check for $300 when they gathered a small audience, which covered their groceries, and everything changed from there.

the shaytards youtube family

As one of the first families to post daily vlogs on Youtube, Butler considers himself lucky to have had the success they have had. Before finding Youtube, Butler hated his past jobs, and his goal was to love what he did. Now, to be able to work with his family has become a blessing.

“Luckily, I found Youtube,” Butler said in an interview with Fox13. “We were ahead of the curve and I was crazy enough, brave enough, or dumb enough to just start putting videos up there. If I had to start again today, there’s no way I could recreate the amount of success we’ve had.”

His wife, Colette Butler, admits to not having the perfect family, but says she believes they have so many followers because people enjoy watching a happy family.

The Shaytards have shared their personal lives from regular life videos to baby births that have reached over 19 million views.

They have received endorsement deals from companies like Band-Aid and Target, and even created their own clothing line, Trixin.

Although they have been approached by producers on creating their own television show, the Butlers plan to continue to simply share their real life through daily vlogs and influence their millions of viewers, like Steven Spielberg, for good.