Sister Missionary’s Letters Recognized by Reddit

Image via Imgur

Reddit editors stumbled upon a unique post that caught their attention: letters from a sister missionary.

The sister missionary left 16 unopened letters for her non-member boyfriend to read on specific days, regarding specific events that might take place while she is on her mission. The boyfriend, Jackson Casimiro, posted pictures of the envelopes on Reddit, and a Reddit editor caught wind of the post.

The envelopes are titled with things like, “Open when it’s your 18th birthday,” and “Open when you need to smile.” While some may say that this sounds like a naive romantic gesture, Lucia Peters of Bustle Blog took note of the blessing it is to be filled with such love.

“Strip away everything but the letters themselves for a moment,” Peters said. “Get rid of everything you know. Regardless as to how you feel about Mormonism, step back and look at those 16 letters for what they are. What are they? Simple: They’re a pretty fabulous thing to do for someone you care about.” 

Peters said,

There’s a way to be there during the big moments when you can’t actually be there. And that? That’s a lesson we could all take to heart, no matter how old or young we might be.

The sister missionary continues to send Casimiro letters, hoping one day he will accept the gospel. Ultimately, she is placing her efforts on love and support for her boyfriend back home.

“I can only hope that everyone out there has someone to whom they can show this level of care — and from whom they can receive it right back,” Peters said.