Jimmer Leads the Bench in Points at Pelican’s Season Opener


Jimmer Fredette #32

Houston Rockets 98 (3-1) at New Orleans Pelicans 117 (2-2)

Jimmer lead the bench in points for the Pelicans during their Tuesday game against the Houston Rockets. After a slow start in the first half Jimmer finished strong in the fourth quarter scoring 11 of his 15 points to lead the Pelicans to a 117-98 victory over the Houston Rockets in their preseason home opener.

Jimmer on his performance:

I didn’t take a ton of shots in the first half because they were playing differently and we were getting other guys shots. So in the second half, I was able to get more open looks. When you see one go in, you just continue to let it roll.

Game Stats – Jimmer Fredette:

Points: 15

Min: 19

FG: 5/8

3PT: 3/5

FT: 2/2

RB: 3

AST: 2

STL: 1

Fredette signed a one-year contract with the Pelicans over the summer as an unrestricted free agent. He is averaging 6.9 points per game and is 42 percent from the field and 40 percent from the 3-point line in his NBA career.

Here’s Jimmer’s post game interview.