Unexpected LDS Member Wins “Dancing with the Stars”

Last night was the season finale of “Dancing with the Stars” and unfortunately the local favorite, Lindsey Sterling, came in second place. While it’s sad if you were rooting for her, and I most definitely was, hopefully you can find happiness in the fact that an LDS member was bound to win in the end, we just didn’t know who.

Deseret News reported on the results of the show and informed us that Lindsey wasn’t the only LDS member to be participating in the contest: “It was an inevitable that a Mormon win as all three female contestants remaining on the show, two professionals, Witney Carson and Lindsay Arnold, and Stirling are all LDS.”

Lindsey and her partner Mark Ballas performed their “Jitterbug” number for their repeat performance, and then combined two of their previous dances for their “Fusion” performance.

Prior to Lindsey Sterling’s performance, a video was shown telling her back story of how she got to where she is now, and how her faith played a part in helping her out of a depression she experienced during college: “I would look in the mirror and just think how much I hated myself. I had to go back to my faith and remember that I believed there is a God that loved me and above anything else, I have worth.”

Check it out below and also catch the repeat performance of “Jitterbug” while you’re at it:

Here’s the video of their “Fusion” number for you to see as well. Oh, and by the way, they got a perfect score on both numbers:

In the end, the results ended up having Lindsay Arnold and her celebrity partner, Jordan Fisher, going home with the Mirror Ball trophy. Lindsey and her partner Mark Ballas took second place, and Frankie Muniz with LDS partner Witney Carson came in third. CNN made a video announcing the results and scores of the final performances. Check it out!

All in all, not too bad on the LDS front. Way to represent ladies!

If you want to see how the winners Jordan and LDS member Lindsay performed, look below!


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