Young Women’s Leader Shares Thanksgiving Traditions, Extends Invite to Young Women


Over the weekend, Neill Marriott, second counselor in the Young Women General Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, shared advice for teenagers and expressed her love for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Having grown up in Louisiana where cooking is an artform, Marriott says that it is more than just the food that makes Thanksgiving one of her favorite holidays. She explains this to KSL’s Carole Mikita, saying,

I love it because I have this vision of hundreds of thousands of families, maybe millions, all over the nation doing the same thing at the same time. (It’s) one day where we come together and recognize there’s an abundance in our life and be grateful to God, whatever faith (we) are.

Holidays are a time many families gather together and participate in different traditions. Marriott shared some of the traditions her family enjoys, such as reading Psalms 100 as a reminder that all good things come from a loving Heavenly Father.

At the close of the interview with Mikita, Marriott invited young women all over the world to spend a little extra time during the holidays to talk with God through prayer and express gratitude and love for the blessings they enjoy.

Marriott also suggests looking past just our families to recognize the needs of others. She says,

It could bring a goodness, I think, through the whole land if we could reach out, not in some grand manner, but maybe notice others’ needs.

Watch the full interview between Mikita and Marriott above.

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