5 Things I Learned From Being a Mormon Temple Ordinance Worker

Image via Greg Trimble.

This article was originally published in GregTrimble.com by Greg Trimble. Below is an excerpt.

I was sitting in the room about to begin an endowment session and was overcome with emotion as I looked at the attendees of that session. I saw people of all shapes and sizes, colors and ethnicities. There were young people who looked strong and vibrant. There were old people who could barely sit or stand. There was a man in an electric wheelchair, with a smile beaming across his face. I couldn’t help but ask myself… “What are these people doing here in this temple? Why are they here? What motivates them to do this?” Then I turned inwardly and asked myself…”Why am I here spending so much time in this temple?”

I can’t answer those questions for anyone else but myself…but I personally love going to the temple because of two reasons. One of those reasons is based on how I feel when I’m there, and the second reason deals with the things I learn while I’m there. Since it’ll be hard to adequately describe how I feel when I’m there, I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve recently learned while working in the temple.

1. The Temple Is Not Weird

To atheists, every religious ceremony is weird so it would be really hard for me to make a case to them about it. They go to biology class and learn about how the universe was created by chance, or by aliens, or whatever. I go to the temple to learn about how the universe was created by an intelligent designer that carries the name of God. “Weird” is just defined by a person’s perspective, and some people think a Mormon temple is weird. That’s alright. But for Bible believers…I can make a case for the temple being anything but weird.

There’s this little obscure trio of verses found in the Book of Revelation that most people pass over. John is seeing in vision the last days and in this vision one of the “elders” comes up to him and essentially asks him; “who are these people that are dressed in white robes…and where did they come from?”

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Bridget is a newsroom writer at LDS.net. She graduated in April 2015 from Brigham Young University in communications with an emphasis of public relations. She served a Spanish speaking LDS mission in McAllen, Texas. She is a skilled pianist and an expert baker of chocolate chip cookies.