An Ode To Fathers

Father with daughters

Adapted from Elder D. Todd Christofferson’s 2016 address “Fathers”

  The role of a father is oft’ misunderstood.                                                                                     Some even think fathers can amount to no good.                                                        They are sometimes portrayed as “bumblers and buffoons,”                                          Yet we know there are many that shoot for the moon

  To become loving fathers in their own special way.                                                                       Whether doing the dishes or watching ballet.                                                             They help out with math or they work until five.                                                                Give the puppy a bath, replace a worn-out hard drive.

 And loving the mother whom their children she bore.                                                                 Working beside her, and always seeking for.                                                             Ways to be helpful, patient, and kind.                                                                                  Ensuring that all family values are aligned.

And most importantly of all teach the gospel and its truth                                                              Guiding their children from early on in their youth.                                                           Remembering Father above that has shown Him the way                                                   To be the best dad he can be each and ev’ry day.

 To all fathers we say keep trying, press on,                                                                                Do the best that you can, ‘til all your strength is gone.                                             Though the days are not easy, there’s much joy to be had,                                       Looking into your little one’s eyes and hearing “I love you, dad.”

 And no matter the father you’ve had on this Earth.                                                                         There will always be one that knew you before birth.                                                   Yes look to heav’n above to our Father that’s there                                                Waiting for us to call upon Him in our prayers.

So here on Father’s Day, we gladly celebrate                                                                                    All the fathers who nobly help make their families great.                                  Imperfections are plenty, mistakes will be made                                                                      But keep trying dear fathers do not be afraid.

Rely on the Savior He’ll make you much more,                                                                                Than you could have imagined yourself becoming before.                                               So whatever role you fill— even foster or step .                                                                Give it all that you can until your final breath. 

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Erik grew up in Pocatello, Idaho and is currently studying communications at Brigham Young University with a minor in business. He served as a missionary in the remote island nation of Kiribati, is a marathon runner, and holds a firm belief that eating a bowl of cereal before bed is the best way to end each day.