3 Conversion Stories You Have to Hear

Jeff Benedict and Tito Momen Conversion
Jeff Benedict, left, interviews Tito Momen in Accra, Ghana, in the summer of 2010 for "My Name Used to be Muhammad," which features the story of Momen's imprisonment in Egypt for converting from Islam to Christianity. Courtesy of Deseret Book

In reality, every conversion story is miraculous!  How difficult is it for people to dramatically change their life’s course?  That’s what conversion demands…to change course to the road less traveled.

For some, faith appears in an instant. For most, the journey of faith requires a slow and steady course.  To all who sincerely seek conversion, the heavens open and God’s reality is revealed.

Conversion is a process, not an event. You become converted as a result of your righteous efforts to follow the Savior. These efforts include exercising faith in Jesus Christ, repenting of sin, being baptized, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end in faith. –True to the Faith

Below are a 3 conversion stories that inspire and cause reflection.

Tito Momen’s entire interview”

I invite you to evaluate and strengthen your faith and personal relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

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