6 Ways to Activate the Atonement


1. Remember Where You’re Headed

This is the most important one. None of the others will work until this one is in the bag.

You were born for glory. You are here to become like God. Not many religions believe this. This is a pretty unique doctrine. I believe that most of what we will ultimately be judged by already happened before we were born. Not predestination junk, but the stuff you read in your patriarchal blessings. That was real. It happened, and you already walked and talked with God and fought for His purposes. You are literal spirit offspring of God, the Father. And we believe in this church that we can actually become gods ourselves. We believe that. Remember? This is the whole point of life.

2. Feast Upon The Word of God

Feasting upon the word of God will activate the power of the atonement in a way that not many other things will. There is actual power as we take in the words and put them deep within our hearts. How is it that Alma was a wicked priest of Noah who committed whoredoms and spent his strength with harlots [1 Mosiah 12:29] and then not long after, he was baptizing whole congregations in the waters of Mormon? How is it that Alma the younger and the sons of Mosiah were “the vilest of sinners” and yet were able to make such a mighty change that they converted an entire nation of Lamanites, and later in life Alma was even translated? It is because the word of God, planted deep within our souls, activates the power of the atonement.

3. Listen to the Words of Modern Prophets

There is power that comes from listening to the words of those prophets and apostles who are special witnesses of the atonement of Jesus Christ. They know Him. Many have seen Him personally. They understand the atonement probably better than any other because they have had first-hand personal experience with the One who atoned. Study their words. They cannot say all they know, but the Spirit will tell you more as you listen to them. Study them too, but there is something powerful unlocked when we actually listen to their voices. There is power in it that will trickle into your life as you consistently listen to their preaching.

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