Is the Euphrates River fulfilling prophecy?




I had a Protestant friend point out that the real Euphrates river was drying up and what it says in revelations about that. Why do we never hear this discussed in our meetings? Is there anything to the river drying that will cause 1/3 of the earth to die.




We recently heard a bit of a calming voice coming from the recent General Conference regarding the signs of the times. Not just the Euphrates, but many signs of the last days seem to be coming to fruition.  And people are spooked.  Here is the message:

Current conditions in the world have caused some to panic. As God’s covenant children, we do not need to chase after this or that to know how to navigate through these troubled timesWe do not need to fear. The doctrine and principles that we must follow to survive spiritually and endure physically are found in the words of a living prophet. That is why President M. Russell Ballard declared that “it is no small thing … to have a prophet of God in our midst.”   — By Elder Allen D. Haynie, A Living Prophet for the Latter Days, Apr 2023 Conference

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