Why Is So Much Spent on Temples?




I have a wife who attends church to support me. She has a huge issue about millions of dollars being spent on the building of each new temple in light that this money could feed and care for so many. Why does the Mormon church feel the necessity to put so much money into building each temple, rather than more modest costs and facilities to accomplish the same thing?




This is a very common question both in and out of the Church, and there are two answers that help explain the matter.

First of all, regarding helping the needy, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints already has a very extensive welfare system in place and operating strictly on donated funds from the membership. The money to run these facilities and to supply them comes mainly from the fast offerings that are donated once a month by the membership of the Church worldwide. However there are other sources of donated funds outside the church, from individual non-members to larger organizations that wish to help keep the program running as well as possible.

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