Jenny Oaks Baker Releases Music Video In Support of Religious Freedom


Jenny Oaks Baker, world-renowned violinist, released a music video tribute to religious freedom.

In the video’s YouTube description, Baker stated,

I have become very concerned recently as I have seen so many attacks on religious liberty in this nation. I wanted to pay tribute to religion and show in a video how worshiping God blesses the lives of people throughout America. 

The video features the Latter-day Saint musician gracefully playing a cover of Paul McCartney’s “Yesterday,” a song chosen in an attempt to bring people back to their roots, reflect on America’s founding fathers, and consider the vitality of religious freedom. Accompanying Baker’s music are snippets of videos of members of different religions living their faith.

“Religious Freedom is very close to my heart,” Baker wrote. “I am so grateful to live in the United States of America where our freedom to worship God ‘according to the dictates of our own conscience’ is valued and protected. I pray that this will continue through the generations, for faith in a higher power and the ability to act upon this faith, immeasurably blesses individuals, family and society.”

Watch Baker’s video, posted above, and view more of her videos on her YouTube channel.