LDS Seminary Releases New ‘Elevate’ Video


LDS Seminary released a new video to Facebook featuring the experience of one Italian youth. Throughout the video, Daniel discusses how attending early morning seminary has helped him in many different aspects of his life. He’s been able to learn more about the Book of Mormon and grow his testimony by learning of ancient prophets’ testimonies of Christ, and he’s been able to stand up for what he knows is right. In the video, Daniel explains a situation where his friends were trying to get him to participate in something he knew he shouldn’t. Daniel stated that due to seminary,

Now it’s easier to say no when people ask me to do something wrong.

Watch the video above and get to know Daniel and how seminary has impacted his life.

Kylie is a writer at and graduate of BYU with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. She grew up in a Chicago suburb where she gained a passion for the Chicago Cubs. She enjoys writing and live event video production.